Summer is in full swing. For schoolchildren and students, the long-awaited vacation began, and for everyone else – no less desirable season of holidays, trips, hikes, or at least outings into nature. And in summer, many Russian cities host various holidays and festivals – a great way to spend time with benefit and pleasure!

VK fest

This year, a large-scale event will be held for the first time in five cities and will last for a whole month:

  • June 17 — Vladivostok,
  • June 24 — Novosibirsk,
  • July 1 and 2 — St. Petersburg,
  • July 8 — Sirius (Sochi),
  • July 15 and 16 — Moscow.

Each city will have its own program. Popular musicians and bloggers will perform at the VK fest venues. Also, sports competitions, cosplay contests, quests and quizzes, video games and board games are waiting for you. At numerous food courts, you can try a special festival menu from the best chefs. Come with your children: young visitors under 6 years old are admitted free of charge, and from 6 to 12 years old – with a discounted children's ticket.

Going to VK fest, book a room in one of the hotels of the AZIMUT Hotels chain in advance:


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Teriberka 2023 (Murmansk region)

The annual Arctic festival, designed to promote tourism in the Arctic, will be held in Teriberka on July 15-16. These days, a small village on the coast of the Barents Sea becomes both a food court, a concert stage and a platform for master classes.

Gastronomic part – traditionally the main "trick" festival. Where, if not in Teriberka, you can try venison, jam from fragrant northern berries, and the freshest seafood!

Within the framework of the festival, everyone will be able to go free diving, ride a stand-up board or kayak. Needlework lovers will also find something to their liking – master classes in modeling, knitting, weaving cooking will delight both children and parents.

During the days of the festival, it is problematic to find accommodation in the village, so it is better to stay in Murmansk, from where special buses will run to Teriberka. By choosing AZIMUT City Hotel Murmansk, which is located in the very center of the city, you will receive as a bonus, a delightful panoramic view of the Kola Bay.

Aeronautics Festival «Golden Ring of Russia» (Pereslavl-Zalessky)

For the first time balloons rose over Pereslavl more than 20 years ago. Since then, ballooning has firmly become one of Pereslavl's favorite entertainments, and bright balloons have become one of the recognizable symbols of the ancient city.

This year, a colorful aeronautics festival will take place in Pereslavl on July 19–23. You can take a flight in a balloon and see ancient monasteries and cathedrals, Lake Pleshcheyevo and picturesque surroundings from above.

For those who do not dare to take a full-fledged flight, a tethered balloon can be lifted on the territory of AZIMUT Park Hotel Pereslavl (you can also stay here on a trip, just book a room in advance). In any case – beautiful views, a positive charge and a great mood are provided to you! And, of course, every guest of the festival will watch the fantastic spectacle – dozens of bright huge balloons in the sky over the wonderful Pereslavl.

Malidak (Bashkortostan)

August 11-12, a mountain sports festival is taking place in one of the most beautiful places in the Southern Urals. The program includes: races for various distances, Nordic walking, an amusement park, a climbing wall, yoga classes, food courts, master classes for children and adults, a family trip to Raspberry Mountain and many other activities. And all this – against the background of magnificent landscapes, in the middle of mountains and untouched forest.

There is a special race for young participants, at the finish of which everyone, without exception, will receive prizes – Great way to introduce your child to sports! Another interesting – Koumiss mile: participants run 4 circles of 400 meters, before each of which they need to drink a glass of the Bashkir national drink – koumiss.

Going to Malidak, make a stop in Ufa. AZIMUT City Hotel Ufa you can comfortably stay in the very center of the Bashkir capital, close to from the main attractions.

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